Technical Information

C.B. Fabrications kiosks are supplied ready for immediate use fitted out to the customers individual requirements.
We are founded on over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of GRP kiosks, gatehouses, scurity kiosks and waiting/payment shelters.
We supply to local authorities, schools, security firms, the police, car park companies, MOD contractors and businesses that have a requirement to provide shelter to security and other staff members. CB Fabrications kiosks are supplied ready for immediate use and can be fitted out to customers individual requirements.
We manufacture six standard sizes from 1.2 x 1.2 metres to 2.4 x 2.4 metres. These are manufactured as a one piece moulding, eliminating the need for an internal flange. Larger kiosks can be produced using multiples of the smaller units.


Double skin G.R.P. encapsulating 18mm C.F.C. free high density polyurethane foam. Insulation U-value approximately 1.2 W/m2 degrees C. Average sound reduction of 15-25 in the 100-5000 CPS range, where fitted. Kiosk shell can also be manufactured using Class 2 fire retardant resins and flame retardant insulation at extra cost.


Isopthalic polyester gelcoat resin which can be pigmented to most B.S or R.A.L. colours.


Washable acrylic egg shell paint over a textured coating. Timber inserts or pads can be added to support shelving or other load bearing applications.


Standard glazing is 4 mm toughened but can be supplied in other thicknesses, laminated and double glazed.


Available in a variety of styles including fixed panes, vertical and horizontal sliders, top open vents, ticket and document issue and retrieval.


Supplied either fully / half glazed or blank. Fitted with a 3 lever lock. Inward or outward opening. Double doors can also be supplied.


18mmW.B.P. grade plywood floors with 25mm insulation fitted to most kiosks. Some now fitted with 18mm recycled plastic floors. A heavy duty covering will be supplied for most floor types. A vapour barrier is supplied and must be fitted between kiosk and mounting plinth. A bolting down kit is also supplied. A removable floor trap is provided to provide a means to connect to electrical services.


1 fluorescent light fitting ( 2 on 2.4 x 2.4 kiosk ) and switch. 1 13 amp single or double switched socket wired via surface mounted trunking to a 2 way consumer unit. Extra electrical installation work can be carried out on request.


Various internal and external fittings are available including: Shelves, cash and document draws, heaters and ventilators . External shutters and security grills, G.R.P. canopies and shelves.


All kiosks must be mounted on a flat and level surface, ideally a concrete plinth at least 50mm oversize all the way round and a minimum thickness of 100mm Please contact us with your requirements and also have a look at our gallery page.